Rules and regulations

Welcome to Springwood RV Park where home is where you park it!

We are pleased you have decided to stay with us.  The following rules and regulations are necessary for your welfare and comfort as well as to keep the park safe and harmonious for all. We need your help to provide a safe and attractive park for you and your friends while being considerate of your neighbors.

Check out time is 11:00 AM – Check in time is 12:00 PM       

All reservations must be paid in full in advance.   

If you cancel your reservation prior to three (3) business days before the reservation, you will receive a full refund.  If you cancel your reservation three (3) business days or less before your reservation, we will refund everything minus one night’s stay. If you leave early, you will forfeit the remainder of your reservation. (This policy is for short term stays only.  Long term residence will forfeit the deposit for late cancellation or no show.)



 Park quiet time is from 10 PM until 8 AM. 

Please be respectful of your neighbors.  Spaces are close quarters, so it’s natural to hear your surrounding neighbors at times.

Noise complaints received from more than one guest (can include but not limited to: children, barking dogs, parties, etc.) will receive one warning before being asked to leave the park. Children must be maintained and in the presence of an adult at ALL TIMES.



Please do not park on the grass.  If your site does not fit 2 vehicles and your RV without parking on the grass, the second vehicle will need to be parked in the overflow parking lot by the office.



ALL pets (even cats) must be on a leash when outdoors AT ALL TIMES.   ALL pets (even cats) must be in the presence of the owner AT ALL TIMES.  If you are observed allowing your pet to defecate without picking it up, you will be fined $50 for the first time.  If you are caught again, you will be asked to leave the park without any refund.  We will not tolerate aggressive pets or excessive barking.  You will be given one warning before being asked to leave the park.  Each pet owner will be held legally responsible for your pet at all times. Each pet will need to have updated vaccinations and provide proof to the office immediately upon check-in.


Springwood RV Park – Rules and regulations (Long Term Stay)

We only accept RV’s that are in good working and aesthetic order.  All RV’s must be self-contained and have bathroom and shower facilities in working order.  As this is a transit park all RV’s less than 10 years old are automatically allowed without prior approval.  RV’s older than 10 years but less than 20 years will require submission of photos of the exterior prior to approval.  The approval will be at the manager’s discretion and is limited to maximum of a one-year stays. RV is the park that fall into this category will require reapproval if the RV stays in the park longer than one year.  The management has full jurisdiction as to whether an RV is acceptable to the park. Owner will be required to remove the RV if deemed unacceptable.  No RV of greater than 20 years are admitted (any such cases will be evaluated individually). We do not allow pop up campers or tents of any sort.

You must have current tags, registration, and insurance on your RV and vehicle(s) present.  Proof must be given to the office upon registration or check in.  Please ensure that you have your documents of registration and insurance as copies of these are required upon registration.

Please note that the office is open from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM on Monday to Friday and 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM on Saturday.  Should you arrive outside these hours you must present yourself to the office on the next open time to supply these documents and sign the acceptance form.

Lot fee is payable in advance and due based upon the date of your arrival.  Guests have a five-day grace period including the actual due date to pay the lot fee.  On the 6th day, a late fee of $5 per day from due date will be levied.  We also collect a $200 deposit.  It may be refunded to you after a 60-day stay, minus any outstanding collection fees (power, past due lot fee, clean up, etc.).  We do not refund prorated lot fees.

Management of the park always reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of a guest for any reason or behavior deemed objectionable.  Springwood is not responsible for damage to vehicles or RV.  Springwood is not responsible for accidents of any kind, personal injury, or damage to property. 

Please note that your contact to stay in the park has an arrival date and an end date.  These can be extended or shortened upon request. Request must be made in person at the office and you must receive a printed document with the new  date listed and validated.

All correspondence with our guests is conducted by email or personal visits to the office. Notification of payment of rent due is forwarded automatically by our system. Upon registration you furnished an email address. If you are not getting your email please contact the office.

Wood burning fire pits or fire rings are not allowed in the park.  You may have a propane fire pit only.


Office Hours

10am – 1pm and 2pm - 5pm, Monday, through Friday or by appointment

10am – 1pm, Saturday or by appointment

To pay lot fee by check or money order, please use the mail slot in the door when the office is closed. To pay by credit card can be done through our new CamSpot system, or you can call the office or stop by during office hours.
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