General Rules


There will be zero tolerance of any illegal drugs on the property at any time. You will be asked to leave immediately if there is any suspicion or proof of illegal drugs.

NO alcohol containers are permitted outside the RV.

No campfires or open fires are allowed.  Enclosed  charcoal grills (not on a picnic table ) are allowed upon management approval.

You are allowed your RV and 1 extra vehicle at your site (unless you’re a Premium site).  Additional vehicles will need to be parked in the overflow parking at the office.  If you have more than two vehicles, you will need to have approval by management. 

Do not park on the grass or concrete patio!  (resident that do not comply to this rule may be asked to leave the park after ignoring the verbal warning)

Vehicles that are inoperable CANNOT be “parked” at your site or on the park property.  No working on your vehicle on-site without management approval.

Do not speed inside the park.  Maintain a speed of no more than 10mph.  You will receive a warning the first time.  You will be fined $50 on the second offense and asked to leave the park on the third.

Power connections to park supplied receptacles must not be showing ANY wires (All wires must be contained inside the outer jacket with no breaks or slices in the jacket).

Water connections must not be leaking at the spigot or from any point of the customer equipment (including but not limited to, holding tanks or hoses).  If we see your equipment leaking, we will shut off the water and contact you to hopefully prevent damage.  

Sewer connections MUST have good seals with absolutely no leaks in the hose apparatus. This is a health and safety hazard. Neglect will not be tolerated. You will be asked to replace the hoses or please leave the park.  We also ask that you have all hoses neatly placed so that it is out of the way of lawn maintenance, of which includes elevating your sewer connection. We will not replace sewer hoses that are inadvertently hit by the weedeater due to your neglect of your hoses.  

Park quiet time is from 10 PM until 8 AM.  Please be respectful of your neighbors.  Noise complaints received from more than one park guest (can include but not limited to: children, barking dogs, parties, loud music etc.) will receive one warning before being asked to leave the park.  Children must be maintained and in the presence of an adult at ALL TIMES

All trailers and boats need to be parked in the boat parking area. A $30 /month fee is charged for use of this facility. Trailers and boats are not allowed on the sites.

If you cannot pay your lot fee and electricity within 5 days of your due date you will need to vacate the park on the 6th day. No exceptions.

Only patio furniture, picnic tables, grills, camping chairs, flowers, mats (TYPICAL outdoor camping equipment) are allowed on patios. Please remove all “other” items (or ask management for approval) and maintain clean sites. No tents allowed.

Pet Owners:

ALL pets (even cats) must be on a leash when outdoors and in the presence of the owner AT ALL TIMES. If you are observed allowing your pet to defecate without picking it up, you will be fined $50 for the first time. If you are caught again, you will be asked to leave the park without any refund.

We will not tolerate aggressive pets or excessive barking. You will be given one warning before being asked to leave the park. Each pet owner will be held legally responsible for your pet at all times. Each pet will need to have updated vaccinations and provide proof to the office immediately upon check-in.

Office Hours

10am – 1pm and 2pm - 5pm, Monday, through Friday or by appointment

10am – 1pm, Saturday or by appointment

To pay lot fee by check or money order, please use the mail slot in the door when the office is closed. To pay by credit card can be done through our new CamSpot system, or you can call the office or stop by during office hours.
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